Brown Tweed with Navy and pale Blue Overcheck



Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty of our Gorgeous English Brown Tweed. This exquisite fabric boasts a striking navy and pale blue overcheck pattern, perfectly complemented by navy velvet trim and navy foxhead buttons.
Indulge in the luxurious feel and timeless charm of this tweed fabric, carefully selected for its quality and style. The navy velvet trim adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the overall aesthetic. The navy foxhead buttons provide a unique and eye-catching detail that sets this jacket apart.
Step into the world of equestrian fashion with confidence and grace as you don this stunning English brown tweed jacket. Its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail make it a must-have piece for any equestrian enthusiast. Embrace the allure of this exquisite design and make a statement wherever you go.

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Ladies 6, Ladies 8, Ladies 10, Ladies 12, Ladies 14, Ladies 16